Myths, theory and reality

Posted 27 April 2006 by madprofessor
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I have decided to write this blog, as much out of frustration as having a wish to create a debate and share experiences about what is acutally successful in real-world sales and marketing, what works and what is merely cost to a business. As with all debate, I am sure we will ruffle a few feathers and receive a few challenges, but this is about bottom-line profitability for your business (not someone elses!) and how to best achieve it.

Forget the theory; forget the gurus; most importantly forget the expensive consultants! (OK, there are acutally a few consultants out there who have a track record in delivering profitable business – but check the metrics and references very carefully, these are sales and marketing guys, after all!)

I intend to discuss my product, marketing and sales decisions, the mistakes I made, the successes and those of others – what else I should have done in hindsight to improve my business and hope that you will join in. Two rules please: short, to the point and facts/opinions not waffle (or BS). No single person has a monopoly on experience or knowledge. Let us make this the definitive resource for sales and marketing on the internet with a wealth of real experience and hard (and expensively gained) knowledge.

Mike Levey